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Review- St. Louis Dance Festival 2014:

Review of “Roots” 2009 by Radhika Ganesh

With their premiere show titled ‘Roots: An Evening of Classical Dance’, the INDIQUE Dance Company made a formidable entry into the Dallas art scene on August 16, 2009.   The program opened with a brisk Pushpanjali in Andolika, which was followed by a Devarnama in Mishra Bhoop, touching on anecdotes of Lord Shiva and some of His devotees.  While the item was performed well, one felt that there was scope for more in the song.   Perhaps it could even be performed as a Varnam, utilizing more Tandavam and Sanchari to bring out the glory of Shiva and His devotees in greater detail.  The Devi padam in Lavangi – Omkaara Kaarini – was impactful, with the dancers conjuring vivid images of the powerful Devi in all her facets.  The elegant Odissi-type costume worn for this item further enhanced the beauty of the movements and poses.  At this point, the Parakiya Nayika javali in Sahana was a refreshing abhinaya number.   The dancer did justice to the beautiful piece, with her graceful and subtle portrayal of the emotional nayika in love with Krishna while being married to another.  The energetic tillana in Ranjani was pleasing to the eyes, with the beautiful dancers weaving in and out of formations, dressed with simple elegance.

The program concluded with ‘Liquid Dance’, a fusion of classical and modern dance movements, done to the famous musical score from the ever-popular film: Slumdog Millionaire.  In the words of the Indique dancers themselves, this dance expresses ‘the story of Indique Dance Company – a group of women of varying ages, lifestyles, and upbringing who have come together to enjoy and support each other through dance.’  This item, and the program itself,  was indeed an expression of the diverse dancers of Indique, their synergy and energy, their passion for dance and their Guru Bhakti.  It was only fitting that their Guru Smt. Revati Satyu wielded the cymbals for this performance.      

The soulful singing of  Smt. P. Ramaa, supported by an incredible orchestra – Sri.P Janardhana Rao on mridangam, Sri. K.S. Jayaram on flute and Sri. D.V.Prasanna Kumar on percussion – greatly enhanced the enjoyment of the performance. 

With eye-catching choreography, talented and beautiful dancers, elegant costumes, energetic dancing and a lot of passion, the Indique Dance Company’s maiden performance was a memorable one.  This group of diverse young women, unified by their passion for dance, left you with a positive impression of their talent, potential and promise!