The Shepard @ Irving High School Auditorium

NOVEMBER 4th 6:30pm ~ For Tickets click here!

Yatra Indique Dance Company Dallas TX 2017

Indique Dance Company ~ Classical Indian Performance Art ~ Dallas TX

Founded in 2008 in Dallas, Indique Dance Company of Dallas, TX consists of Indian classical dance teachers who wish to bridge cultures and educate diverse communities through excellence in dance performance. Indique Dance Company’s mission is to reach a broader, more diverse audience by blending modern, relevant themes with the story-telling artistry of Indian classical dance styles. Our vision is to pursue our mission by sparking an interest for dance with new audiences while captivating traditional patrons of the arts through performances that blends modern themes with the story-telling artistry of classical dance style. Indique Dance Company looks forward to many more productions with continued support from its established patrons. Welcome to Indique Dance Company: Classical, Creative and Contemporary.


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